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 Hey guys how are you Today we are going to recap for love and thunder and also be aware of major spoilers the movie starts with AUR daughter and search for any help in praise of God to take his life to save his daughter in the car should wait for any help her daughter took her last breath .and dies in his arms calling him self together a daughter in the moment of constant lost of faith he witnessed a bright white calling him and suddenly appeared in front of forest and then jumped in the water he moves around and found something to eat after months the God of Home praises every time suddenly appeared in front of him more delighted to see his God and asks for help and says it all his people living dead due to the dehydration and lack of care, but that doesn't seem to be bothering him as he makes fun of his loyalty is God also says that other gods are sending troops to destroy my kingdom with the evil and cursed neck resort and realizes that the God uses them is there a page of the sacrifice of a daughter means nothing he started to disbelieve in his God saying that he can be a God if he doesn't care about his people making him angry he stood up and says that his sacrifice would be a great cause for his new kingdom that he will establish the cursed necroses or choose a score giving him a true reason to stop the worshiping of all the gods for stabs the neck resort in the West Road eventually killing his God very instance, decided to kill all the gods in this universe for peace as a new glass guard tracks is telling the life story of 4 to the local kids he says after we join the guardians you work out day and night and restored his physical body put after many fights alongside the guardians his painting got away is you remember love.

Jane Foster leaves the storm breaker on the ground and started finding peace in his life on earth we see is James Foster playing in hospital struggling and fighting with her stage four cancer letter generator book explaining the powers of a male nearby and also stating that male near also helps in healing any disease seeing this as a hope for a new life she decided to use the powers of male near to Hitler cancer last card we see the Valkyrie has become the new president and visitors from all around the world comes to visit this guardian culture Jain arriving at the new AdGuard comes across as the broken pieces of the mail near being close to the mail where she feels a lot better and also it's pieces started moving part ways with the guardians after receiving a distress signal from Chef upon arrival of a nexus being possessing the God killing weapon the necklace or seeking the extinction of all gods his revenge for ignoring the death of his family also says that is next target is going to be the newest car tax Nu Asgard with his on natural been hearing about the news Valkyrie End ha arrives and started slaughtering down the creatures and then notices of thunder lightning around and crushing all beings and realizes that his old 

hammer mail near when he raises his hands to summon the hammer me only over forges and Bonds itself to Jenna percent granting of the power of four directions and tells us about the relationship between Ta run Jain and how much they Baba loves each other but as the time passes their duties started interrupting your relationship and one day Jain left a message for Thor love stories surprised to find Jenna line with male near without on the waste or with the help of Valkyrie Kong in China started fighting Koran is shadow creatures the group was able to work or but he escaped kidnapping several is guardian children the next day everyone is getting worried for their kid city tour assure them that they will find the kids and get them back safely later turtles

Jain about the necklace or an hour can destroy anything in just a matter of time periods in front of them are using his powers would you got from his father Axel than uses his magic for the version of their place then tell some repair been trapped inside a cage you should help them as soon as possible tortured him that they are on their way and they just need to be patient the group then leaves on the ship to travel to omnipotent city to one the other gods Olympic God Zeus is unwilling now saying that he cannot do anything else however Tor tries to make him believe that their whole lives are in danger force in the group to fight of his man is heavily Andrew score in anger shoes with his own thunderbolt in his chest making him fall to the ground it makes a way out by calling in the ship and also Valkyrie steels nearest game on their way to save the kids for confesses to Jain about his love exceptor with his cancer and surely she will find his disease and get well people to make out before arriving in the shed around The Street out to be a ruse forgot to take storm breaker which intends to use it on the bi Frost to enter eternity and asked for the destruction of all gods, manages to overpower force group and steps

Valkyrie in my bag making for angry who uses his full powers against score after having enough with core store opens the bar forced and tries to escape or manages to steal the storm breaker and then tell a port it back to the core use a storm breaker to open a portal to eternity with Valkyrie engine decided to face korlam age with the kids and decided to give his thunder powers to every kid in their weapons to fight alongside him to hold on, when Jain joins the fight even when she was fighting with cancer and destroys the neck resort admitting his defeat or 

manages to convince Kaur that all the one was not to destroy the gods but to get his daughter back got enough energy is cancer has taken on her final chance before she comes to her illness and nice and doors arms eternity allow scores request to revive her daughter any ask store to take care of her daughter before dying from the effects of the neck restore all the children got back to Nivas card or Valkyrie and say pig in training them meanwhile door now in possession of male near continues to go on adventures to help people with love and now wielding storm breaker biocide and injured juice can be seen making us realise that he survived the attack commands his son Hercules to kill four and take his revenge can you post credit scene Jane Foster Rob said a strange place which most likely looks like Kevin

Hussey Bichhoo Bhavan Hotel sure that she is dad and I welcome sir to the Valhalla with the scenes we can always Sumit Astoria for his way longer than we expected subscriber to see more videos like this turn on notifications and leave a like to help the channel 

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